Target Systems

QinetiQ Target Systems is a world-leading provider of unmanned air, land and surface vehicle targets for live-fire training and weapon system test and evaluation.

We design and develop threat-representative targets and special mission platforms at our manufacturing facilities in Ashford, UK and Alberta, Canada. We support these platforms with a field service capability that has been developed over 30 years of providing leading edge target capabilities on military ranges worldwide. Core capabilities include:

  • Aerial targets: Our world-renowned Banshee® is available in a variety of configurations, ranging from our propeller driven Banshee® to our dual jet turbine powered Banshee®. Over 6,500 Banshee® systems have been sold to date and it continues to be the aerial target of choice for many militaries worldwide.
  • Rotary wing targets: We offer a proven low-cost threat representative helicopter target. Due to the growing threat of commercial multi-rotor aircrafts we also now offer a threat representative multi-rotor target that utilises the core technology across our other target platforms.
  • Land targets: We have a variety of versatile, remotely operated land targets to simulate moving vehicle and pop-up helicopter threats.
  • Naval targets: Our naval target offering ranges from a complete breadth of remotely operated systems to secondary towed targets that replicate the Fast Attack Craft, Fast Inshore Attack Craft and the piracy threat.
  • Special mission vehicles: Leveraging core and common technology across our target platforms, we are able to cost effectively customise these systems to meet bespoke unmanned vehicle missions for our customers.
  • Command and Control: Our advanced and cost-effective command and control systems provide our teams and customers with the capability to meet basic and advanced customer mission requirements.
  • Scoring systems: Our scoring systems meet a range of training requirements such as naval gunnery training and radar and acoustic scoring systems for aerial, land and surface targets.
  • Launcher systems: Our launchers are manufactured to support aerial targets of the QinetiQ Target Systems business, as well as supporting the aerial targets of our clients.
  • Services: We offer turn-key services using our full range of products and qualified Field Services teams, while adopting a flexible approach in order to meet the changing requirements of our customers.

For more information, please visit the QinetiQ Target Systems website.


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