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Expression of Interest Futures Lab - Expeditionary Water Generation and Recycling


To meet the challenges of future defence acquisition and to deliver optimal capability to the front line, the MOD recognised the need to engage in early and frequent dialogue with the defence industrial community to support the Defence Enterprise in making better informed decisions that improve delivery of Defence outputs. 

In April 2021, the Future Capability Group (FCG) commissioned the Futures Lab Service through the Aurora Engineering Delivery Partnership (EDP) to build on the successes of the previous Niteworks contracts and establish a new service that will enable MOD to call on defence organisations, wider industry and academia to provide decision support for some of Defence’s most challenging early project related questions.

Futures Lab is a responsive service, available across the whole of defence, to enable the delivery of impartial advice, and agile decision support for Defence’s most challenging early project related questions for the UK MOD. This is provided through bespoke, pan-industry and academic collaborative teams – the unique selling point of Futures Lab.

Powered through the EDP, Futures Lab in collaboration with FCG and the Front Line Commands (FLC) will commercially enable early engagement across industry and academia to accelerate speed of learning, and reduce risk through the generation of usable evidence to accelerate and inform future programmes and strategic decision-making.

The Futures Lab Service is underpinned by the FCG Mission 'to improve the delivery of military capability through innovation, exploitation of technology and provision of impartial advice.'

In order to support Futures Lab in its delivery, the following EOI has been produced to engage with new organisations. Please review the below and reach out to the team to offer your support and services. More information regarding Futures Lab can be found at our LinkedIn page or by speaking to our Provider Network Manager via the email below..


  1. If your organisation has any experience in the following capabilities, please contact the Futures Lab team by submitting a response to this EOI: FsLabProcurement@qinetiq.com
    Experience and capability required:
    1. Water generation technologies.
    2. Assessment and understanding of the impact of technology on the environment.
    3. Technical evaluation and analysis of emerging technologies.
    4. Market surveying of current, evolving and emerging technologies.
    5. Water Systems integration.
    6. Stakeholder engagement, workshop facilitation.
  2. If you organisation is aware of any Associates in UK industry and academia who could be approached to participate, in particular those with non-defence experience and NGOs, please also highlight this in your EOI response.
  3. The adverse impact of climate change indicates that by 2050, 3.2 billion people are expected to live in areas of extreme water scarcity, and 2 billion people will be at risk of floods. Accordingly, the sustainable provision of suitable water to support military operations overseas, which will not adversely impact on the host nation, the indigenous population or environment, will become an increasingly critical planning factor.
  4. Building on the existing operational analysis already conducted on this subject for Defence, this task will identify and assess current, evolving and emerging technologies capable of generating sustainable water supplies suitable to support military operations overseas that do not adversely impact on the host nation population or environment.
  5. Task Duration. The task is in its embryonic stages development; currently, it is anticipated to be a 3 month task with a deadline of Feb 23.
  6. Security. The aim is to conduct the activity at an unclassified level.
  7. Desired Output. The output is a report including a technology roadmap review of the current and emerging technologies and forecast what the next 5 to 10 years will mean for water generation in a Defence context. The report will also provide recommendations of experimentations / prototypes that could be taken forward by Defence Support Futures.
  8. EOI response. Please respond by sharing a brief overview of your organisations experience with regards to any of the Water Generation and Recycling requirements – your response should be no more than 500 words submitted via email. Deadline: COP 2nd September 2022.
  9. Additional information. If you have a company presentation overview which you wish to share, please include this your EOI response.