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International Thank You Day


International Thank You Day happens on 11 January every year, encouraging people around the world to show gratitude and thanks to those around them.

Thank Q

At QinetiQ, we launched a five week long 'Thank Q' campaign in December, encouraging people to say thank you to their colleagues. Taking inspiration from campaigns such as the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, people were encouraged to post a 'Thank Q' to an individual, team or site and then nominate others to do the same.

Many of us are guilty of taking for granted the amazing things people do across our business every day. We're often too busy to stop and just appreciate the effort people make to help each other, support our customers and just generally do a great job!

Our 'Thank Q' campaign has been a huge success, going 'viral' on our global intranet, with people from the UK to Australia saying thank you to one another. It's served as a great reminder for how easy but important is it to use those two simple words and take the time to just say "Thank You!"

Here are some of the stats from the campaign:

Make sure you say "Thank You" to a colleague, friend, family, or even a stranger who has done something which deserves a little bit of recognition.