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QinetiQ GmbH delivers new Air Combat Training module for Slovenian Armed Forces


Christian Bertram

QinetiQ GmbH has successfully delivered a new form of Air Combat Training for the Slovenian Armed Forces, using live ammunition against physical targets, as part of its global Threat Representation offering.

QinetiQ’s Threat Representation services enable customers in 50+ countries to practice defending themselves in the most realistic environments possible, against an ever-evolving threat landscape.

The ten-day training involved using machine guns on moving targets, delivering the new type of Air Combat Training that used live ammunition against physical air-to-air targets, and provided direct feedback during the mission. The Air Combat Training comprised a sleeve target attached to QinetiQ’s PC-9B aircraft, serving as the flying target for the PC-9M fighter aircraft from the Slovenian Armed Forces' 152nd Fixed Wing Squadron.

The sleeve used as the target contains a hit counter which provides the Slovenian pilots with immediate feedback about the number of rounds and the accuracy of the shot, thereby ensuring an improved training outcome for the customer. The training took place out of Andravida Air Force Base in Greece, across the overwater training areas, and also involved the 117th Combat Wing of the Greek Air Force.

Live air to air training

Graham Ollis, Managing Director, Global Threat Representation & Geschäftsführer, QinetiQ GmbH said, “I’m proud of the way our aircraft and ground teams worked together to ensure the success of this new training for the Slovenian Armed Forces. This offers an additional module within our Aerial Training Services, part of our global Threat Representation offering, and will continue to be offered to Slovenia, as well as other International forces.”

The Slovenian Ministry of Defense was pleased with the success of the training and emphasised that it helped to test the operational capability of the air and ground crews in air combat, and strengthen the cooperation and exchange between Air Force units in combat missions.