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Spaceflight Training

We offer training to enhance the experience and help customers prepare for commercial suborbital spaceflight.

Image of Centrifuge at Flight Physiological Centre in Sweden, showing door open

We operate a state-of-the-art dynamic flight simulator and human centrifuge in Linköping, Sweden, where fast jet pilots from around the world come to train to withstand high G-forces. We offer an extensive training program in preparation for future commercial spaceflights. This includes G-familiarisation and spaceflight simulation in our dynamic flight simulator, as well as controlled exposure to simulated high altitude in our hypobaric chamber. Our spaceflight training programme includes the following:

  • Acceleration Physiology & Anti-G Straining Manoeuvre
  • G-Tolerance Flights
  • High Altitude Physiology

  • Normobaric Hypoxia demonstration and training
  • Suborbital Space Flight Simulation