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DSEI 2021

DSEI 2021

Event round up

Here's just some of the highlights we captured during DSEI 2021

Not only can we develop cutting-edge technology and turn it into capability, we can also tell you if that capability will work when it is critically needed and ensure you are trained and operationally ready.

  • Create it

    Developing cutting edge technology and turning it into capability.

  • Test it

    Assuring your capability works when needed.

  • Use it

    Ensuring you are trained and operationally ready.

TechWatch Live

During DSEI 2021, TechWatch went live, capturing future-focussed technology news, videos and interviews direct from the show floor.

DSEI 2021: Day 1. Multi Domain Integration.

Our team at the show have rounded up some of today’s highlights, as well as our some of our own news you’d have missed unless you were here in this (5 minute-read) blog.

DSEI Day Two: Culture the key to ‘no such thing as a fair fight…’

In the race to find new technology, innovation, and ways of working to combat ever evolving threats, there was a clear and maybe surprising theme on day two of DSEI: establishing new cultures when collaborating (to ensure the best outcome for the warfighter) will be how future, multi-domain and global military programmes will succeed.

DSEI Day Three: The future of defence

Secretary of State for Defence Ben Wallace opened his keynote speech on Day 3 of DSEI with the statement that we can’t afford to stand still in Defence.

Becoming 'The Hardest Target'

A new Insights report launched at DSEI

Download the report
The Hardest Target

What technology was on our stand?

  • An interactive visual display that illustrates the critical role of information in today’s operating environment. We will show how our data services can make a difference in front line operations by delivering information advantage.
  • The Mobile Test Rig (MTR) which is an 8 wheeled, approximately 1/3 scale platform that utilises in wheel hub drive technology combined with advanced suspension and control methodologies. It demonstrates the potential advantages available to future wheeled combat vehicles through adopting electric drive technologies.

  • Advanced products such as low observable garments which conceal the wearer in thermal infrared to optimise survivability, and active beacon technologies which can save lives by identifying friendly forces over long distances.

Visit www.DSEI.co.uk to find out more about the event

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QinetiQ Virtual View @DSEI

We created a virtual conference to complement our presence at DSEI. This content is available for a further 30 days post-DSEI so you can catch up on anything you missed. There’s a full programme of engaging and informative presentations, commentary and footage from the show, videos showcasing our products and services and a range of relevant insights. 

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QinetiQ Virtual View

Distinctive offerings

Focus on Robotics and Autonomous Systems

Military and commercial organisations carry out tasks that are hazardous, costly or impractical for humans to undertake. Robotic and autonomous systems can provide significant operational advantage, operating in the maritime, land and air domains.

Focus on Test & Evaluation

As threats increase globally and become more sophisticated, Governments must plan, resource, test and train for a highly complex operational environment

Focus on Information Advantage

Information advantage equips warfighters with military data in real-time, enabling platforms, sensors and systems to achieve their maximum operating potential.

Focus on Training & Mission Rehearsal

Military customers around the world are looking to deliver a step-change in force preparation and generation by transforming the ‘what’, ‘where’ and ‘how’ of delivering future training.

Focus on Engineering & Support

Ensuring optimum performance and capabilities of increasingly complex military equipment at all times demands the very best engineering support services.

Focus on Experimentation & Technology

Every organisation, worldwide, is under pressure to change with new challenges and threats evolving; evermore cultural and political pressures and to keep up with the pace of the modern society.