Q-Talk: Virtual Panel Debate

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The supremacy of traditional security and defence systems has driven adversaries towards alternative methods. These ‘Grey Zone’ approaches include a myriad of new threats described by multiple buzzwords, from asymmetric to hybrid and from 5th generation to sub-threshold.  QinetiQ is leading the debate on how organisations can harness the potential of emerging technology to successfully adapt conventional defence and security capabilities to mitigate the impact of adversarial Grey Zone campaigns – be they organized criminal gangs, international terrorist cells, or nation states.

Richard Moss, Group Head of Insights, Iain Harrison, Strategic Engagement Director, Christina Balis, Global Campaign Director, Training Mission & Rehearsal and Keith Mallon, Business Development Lead discuss the common challenges of the Grey Zone. The discussion explores the implications of these challenges on the industry, and the panel share their insights and thoughts on why the Grey Zone has become so prevalent in defence and security sector.

We also cover new and emerging Grey Zone threats and what makes our adversaries better at this compared to our allies.

For further information on addressing the challenges of the Grey Zone, download our report, Confidence in Chaos here.

Watch the recording of our Grey Zone Webinar below