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Powering the Electrified Battlespace


The electrification of warfighting technology will…

Prevent deaths in service

3,000 US soldiers and contractors were killed in attacks on fuel supply convoys between 2003 and 2007 in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Secure the tactical advantage

Electrical weapons, vehicles and situational awareness technologies will enable forces to operate swiftly, stealthily and at stand-off distances.

Help defence meet emissions targets

The UN Secretary General has called climate change ‘the most systemic threat to humankind’ – but defence is among the world’s largest sources of CO2 emissions.

Our report brings together international expertise from military strategists, scientists, engineers and academics to give you actionable recommendations on electrifying warfighting technology.

Land Platform Modernisation

As today's threat environment is more complex and unpredictable than ever, how can land forces modernise and embrace technologies for their advantage?

Land platform modernisation video

Tracked and wheeled military vehicles operate in significantly challenging environments and Land forces must be equipped with the capabilities required on the rapidly changing battlefield. Modernising existing platforms with the latest technology in replacement of legacy systems ensures you always have operational advantage.

Don’t get left behind in the fossil fuel era. Get the report.