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MTEQ DAGRS Announcement


MTEQ is pleased to announce the NVESD has named MTEQ one of ten primes under the Deployable Adaptive Global Responder Support (DAGRS) IDIQ.


This contract will focus on providing responsive and adaptive capabilities to U.S. Military and combined civil/military actions that involve adaptive response other than what is commonly considered as warfighting. These include partnership building, stability operations, rapid prototyping and engineering and other activities that support the Defense Strategy and Quadrennial Defense Review. The emphasis will be to provide a necessary response with a small, highly capable, military footprint augmented by other Government organizations, non-government organizations, partner nations, and others to enhance effectiveness and affordability. Within a single-team framework, DAGRS will provide a vehicle for coordination and technology-based solutions that enable and assist Army, join service, multinational, and other combined (DOD/other organizations) responses to activities involving non-warfighting capabilities or a mix of warfighting and non-warfighting capabilities.

DAGRS provides a comprehensive tool to enable and enhance the ability of MTEQ to collaborate and integrate capabilities of the diverse group of Government, industry, academia and international partners forming the global responder community of interest. With an experienced team of 13 large and 18 small businesses, all with significant participation levels and demonstrated performance on current, ongoing, and prior IDIQ contract vehicles for U.S. Army customers, MTEQ is excited to participate in this important effort on behalf of our customers and the nation. For more information, please contact MTEQ at bd@mteq.com.