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New data diode for fast and secure data transfer


We've launched our new SyBard Highly Available (HA) Diode, a resilient and robust network device that connects two computer networks together in a strictly one-way manner.

SyBard Diode

Based upon the proven SyBard Standard Diode, the SyBard HA Diode provides a highly resilient solution that can be easily integrated into accredited systems.

Data diodes are widely used to connect disparate networks in a strictly one-way manner. There are two typical use cases: to import data (such as anti-virus updates) into a protected network with no risk of data leakage; to publish data (such as corporate information for public consumption) from a protected network guarding against attacks from the untrusted domain. SyBard Diodes provide fast, high integrity data transfer between networks that is guaranteed to be uni-directional.

The HA Diode is resilient to the failure of any single constituent hardware component. and enables zero or minimal down-time software updates of the Diode appliance. This is achieved by transferring all files over two independent Diode links that operate in parallel.

SyBard HA Diodes are particularly suitable for business critical systems with stringent service level agreements, as it removes the single point of failure often associated with Diodes in such systems.

For further information please email SyBardSales@QinetiQ.com or visit our web page.