Assure your critical operations with QinetiQ’s defence-hardened communication, sensing and navigation technologies. Designed to work in the harshest conditions, QinetiQ ensures continuity of operations by combining extreme resilience with exceptional performance.

How do we achieve performance without compromise?

Extreme resilience 

Our solutions are built to perform in the most dynamic and challenging environments across land, sea, air, and space. Toughened to withstand high-g acceleration, extreme temperature ranges and vibrations from impact events, our portfolio of communication, navigation and sensing solutions are proven to work where others fail.

Optimised performance

From beaming information from the surface of Mars and transmitting communications at the speed of light, to ensuring the pinpoint accuracy of your navigation system, our world-leading R&D expertise ensures the solutions we engineer perform when you need them to.

Robust security

Our extensive experience in cross-domain communications and information solutions enables you to operate without constraints. From encrypted commercial satellite communications and anti-interference PNT technologies to virtually undetectable Free Space Optical Communications, our portfolio delivers the most secure range of solutions available to commercial and defence organisations.

Straightforward integration

Our highly versatile and configurable solutions are designed to work across all domains and enable interoperability with other systems. By leveraging our systems engineering expertise, we can ensure that the solution you need can be integrated into your own systems

User centred 

As a mission-led solutions provider, we always have the customer needs front of mind. We work collaboratively with our customers and use our deep domain knowledge to help design solutions that optimise the end user experience whilst delivering the required level of performance.

Our areas of expertise

Communication without compromise

When communication is critical to your operational success, you need high-performing and resilient communication solutions.

Navigation without compromise

When your mission requires precision, you need Position, Navigation and Timing solutions you can trust.

Sensing without compromise

When situational awareness is essential and you need to keep a constant eye on your adversaries in the most challenging environments, you need versatile, reliable and resilient sensing solutions.

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