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Robotics and autonomous systems provide you with an operational edge through enabling unprecedented capability across multiple domains. 

Where once Robotics and Autonomous Systems were assigned to the ‘dull, dirty and dangerous’ tasks, increasingly its desired benefits extend well beyond reducing risk to life. With technology proliferating and many new threats to traditional capabilities, the goal is increased mass, faster operational tempo and reduced operation risk. 

Here at QinetiQ, we develop cutting-edge technology, rapidly turning it into capability through the analysis, design, manufacture and integration of Robotics and Autonomous Systems 

We assure a capability will work when it’s critically needed through autonomy assurance, test and evaluation, trails design and execution and experimentation and ensure our customers are trained and operationally ready to utilise RAS through training and mission rehearsal.

Areas of expertise

Land Robotics & Autonomy

Both military and commercial organisations carry out tasks that are hazardous, costly or impractical for humans to undertake.

Maritime Robotics & Autonomy

Our Maritime capabilities provide navies and subsea markets innovative solutions for command and control systems, undersea communications, sensors and robotics.

Meet the family

Our family of robots includes small, medium and large unmanned vehicles, known for their durability, reliability and flexibility around the world. They can be configured for specific tasks such as IED defeat, CBRN/hazmat identification, reconnaissance, combat engineering support and SWAT/MP unit assistance.

These include platform offerings such as Uncrewed Ground Vehicles (UGVs) like TALON and SPUR, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as Banshee and Uncrewed Surface Vehicles (USVs) like Hammerhead.

Find out more about these offerings:

TALON® Medium-Sized Tactical Robot

Since its introduction in 2000, our TALON® family of robots have earned a reputation for durability, flexibility, reliability and performance in keeping personnel, assets and civilians out of harm’s way.

SPUR next generation backpackable robot

The newest member of our interoperative tactical land robot family and the named winner of the Common Robotic System – Individual (CRS(I)) program by the US Army. SPUR revolutionizes robotic capability for dismounted forces with its rapid deployment from its stowed state, tactical mobility and radio range, high-performance manipulator arm and our proven UC-LITE universal controller.