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5m Wind Tunnel

Our high Reynolds number facility for investigating flow physics and predicting full-scale performance

  • Its large size enables highly accurate modelling of details
  • Pressurisation simulates full-scale conditions for take-off and landing of combat aircraft
  • Segregation of compressibility and scale effects provides greater accuracy in prediction of full-scale performance of large transport aircraft.

The landing and take-off performance of both military and civil aircraft is critically important. Our 5m pressurised low-speed wind tunnel has a simulation capability that is unique in the UK, and provides high quality data of great value to the aerospace industry.

Key features and performance

  • Test section size: 5m x 4.2m
  • Speed and pressure range: maximum Mach No 0.32; maximum pressure 3 atms
  • Drive Power: 12 MW continuous
  • Turbulence level: u2 ≈ 0.08%
  • By allowing depressurisation of the test section only, the 5m wind tunnel enables rapid access for model changes, leading to high productivity
  • Used for a wide range of tests, including research into the aerodynamics of high-lift systems, helicopters, STOVL aircraft and the development of wind tunnel techniques.
Wind Tunnel