Active Radar Enhancement

The active radar homing emulator (ARHE) is a payload designed and produced by QinetiQ Target Systems.

When integrated to an aerial target platform, the ARHE allows for a realistic representation of an active homing missile threat to fully exercise a surface- or air-based electronic warfare system or for the activation of warning systems to evaluate the latest automatic defence systems.

Key Features

  • Versatile
  • Suitable for use on land and at sea
  • Designed for easy installation to Banshee target
  • Readily adapted to other platforms
  • Adaptable
  • Various radar pulse/polarity options
  • Dependable
  • Proven technology with a cost-effective radar emulation solution

Active radar homing emulator (ARHE) can be remotely controlled to switch ON/OFF and between both sweeping and target acquisition modes by the target operator. Easily integrated into QinetiQ’s Banshee target system, it can provide a fast mobile radar source that can be operated at altitudes as low as five metres to simulate sea skimming attacks, or multiple units can be operated simultaneously to provide multiple threat scenarios.

The system operates in X band and can be installed to provide either vertical or horizontal polarisation, and a variety of radar pulse configurations can be programmed into the system to enable operation against a variety of receiving equipment. It is easily tailored to suit individual customer requirements.