Aircraft Mission Systems

The term ‘Mission Systems’ encompasses everything, other than avionics, which directly affects the outcome of a military sortie.


Anything from the physical reality of the mission computer and aircraft sensors, through the software uploaded onto it in the form of mission data, to the processes needed around the aircraft such as mission planning.

We have been supporting the procurement and operation of the UK’s fleet of Typhoon fighter jets for over 25 years and the high-tech F-35 stealth, multi-role jets for over 10 years. We manage this through the supply of advice, tools and training.

We provide expert advice in:

  • Sensor Fusion for airborne weapon systems including combat ID and rules of engagement
  • System integration and interoperability through secure data links and voice comms
  • Flight Operations through flight scheduling, mission planning and debrief
  • System performance prediction, assessment, trials planning and trials data analysis
  • System performance enhancement and tuning performance through mission data and software change
  • Mission Data: operational mission data settings, mission data tools, and business processes for building, testing, deploying and reprogramming mission data

We work on improving performance at all stages of the aircraft mission cycle, starting from at the base to in flight to post mission and maintenance and redevelopment.