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The Badger Unmanned Ground Vehicle – Target (UGV-T) is a remotely controlled, lightly armoured, all-terrain vehicle designed to Exercise anti-armour combat systems. The RF control concept provides the flexibility to simulate a wide variety of battlefield scenarios.


The Badger UGV-T can reach speeds in excess of 40km/hr over prepared surfaces and can be manoeuvred easily at night. Light armour provides protection from sub-caliber weapons, small arms fire and shrapnel from anti-tank missiles.

Its operational control concept allows for on-site target course selection. No permanent installations are required as it is fully transportable to and from operating sites. The Ground vehicle control station is designed to operate up to eight vehicles individually and can be expanded to allow simultaneous control of up to four vehicles by adding command modules. The Badger UGV-T can tow up to three full-scale non-thermal or two full-scale thermal silhouettes to simulate multiple tank threats. Applications:

  • Forward area reconnaissance
  • Target designation
  • Minefield breaching
  • Remote sensing
  • Ordinance delivery and disposal

Key Features

  • Portable moving target system
  • No costly permanent installations required
  • Multi-target presentations
  • Wi-Fi operation/scoring
  • Day or night operations
  • Threat representative
  • Tactical applications