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Banshee NG

The highly effective Banshee family of aerial targets continues to grow. Following on from the successful Banshee Jet 80 and Jet 80+ launched in 2014 and 2018 respectively, the Banshee NG is a new generation of aerial target, providing unparalleled performance at a market-defining price.

Building on the success of the Banshee family, the Banshee NG is based on a new and novel design and is powered by twin gas turbine engines providing a straight and level air speed in excess of 250m/s. The fuel load is 100 litres, giving an endurance of over one hour, dependent on mission parameters. The airframe design allows for increased agility, providing high sustained manoeuvring capability to simulate a wider range of threats.

Designed on Banshee heritage, the Banshee NG offers customers the benefit of system familiarity, allowing them to operate this new target from their existing ground station and Hercules pneumatic launcher or other launchers with equivalent performance.

It offers the same flexibility as other Banshee targets, with simple maintenance, ease of operation, and high reliability. This flexibility extends to the wide range of payloads the Banshee NG can carry, including those from the Banshee Whirlwind and Banshee Jet targets, in multiple payload locations.

Banshee aerial targets are typically used by customers to represent threats that include UAVs, fighter aircraft and subsonic cruise missiles, with most used to test the effectiveness and operational readiness of weapons systems.

Key Features

  • Exceptional performance to price ratio
  • High manoeuvrability, Low RCS
  • Target performance and enhancement easily varied by wide variety of threat representative payloads
  • Employs a proven independent flight termination system
QinetiQ Launches Transonic Next-Generation Banshee Aerial Target

QinetiQ has announced the launch of the Next-Generation Banshee, “Banshee NG”, the target that replicates fast flying jets and missiles, enabling test and evaluation and live fire training exercises.

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Banshee NG