C-TALON Submersible Security Robot

C-TALON is an unmanned, tracked, robot designed to be used in both land and water environments. This rugged robot is specifically designed for turbulent water environments, coastal waters, and limited access harbor areas for security, reconnaissance and mine hunting operations.

C-TALON provides safety and situational awareness on coast lines, keeping military and first responders away from potentially dangerous situations. The robot carries navigation, communication and payload sensors, including compass, pressure sensor, odometer, GPS, fiber-optic link, hi-res imaging sonar, hydrophone, and drive and inspection night-vision cameras.

C-TALON is designed using the same robust technology as the rugged and reputable TALON robot.

Features & Benefits
  • Supports reconnaissance and security missions
  • Resistant to strong water currents
  • Operates in surf zone and land
  • Navigation and communications
  • High res imaging sonar
  • Hydrophone
  • Night vision cameras
  • Sleep mode for extended period of non-use