As a long-term partner to the UK’s Carrier Strike programme, QinetiQ provides services and support to enhance the capability of the group. Here you can find out more about QinetiQ’s ongoing commitment the strike group’s development through a number of related programmes. 

QinetiQ and Inzpire - Partnering for Innovation

This blog examines the trailblazing Platform Enabled Training Capability (PETC): Phase 1 demonstration that QinetiQ and Inzpire developed for the Maritime Domain – resulting in complex live and simulated training scenarios delivered via a ship’s own combat systems, and virtually indistinguishable from live warfare.

QinetiQ wins Vampire Phase 1 contract to provide UAS experimentation expertise for the Royal Navy

QinetiQ has won a £6m, four-year, Vampire Phase 1 contract to support the Royal Navy’s future high performance Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) operations. We will provide our experimentation expertise and our Banshee Jet80+ targets to help Royal Navy Aircraft Carriers train for real-world scenarios.

Tracking the Carrier Strike Group’s Maiden Voyage
In December 2021, the Carrier Strike Group returned from its maiden voyage around the globe, covering 500,000 nautical miles and 4,723 flight hours. Find out more about the group’s journey and how we were involved in preparing the group for success. 
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