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To maintain operational effectiveness the ability to function effectively within a contested cyber and electromagnetic activities (CEMA) environment is fundamental.

Adversary threat capabilities are constantly developing and proliferating. That means that we must help our customer integrate emerging operational capability, while ensuring that robust security requirements are met and exceeded.

We help our customers test their own system capabilities and train their operators to exploit them to best effect. The need for additional investment is also reduced due to our expertise in leveraging existing facilities – including secure environments.

By treating Cyber and Electronic Warfare threats as a single entity, we can harness the benefits of coordinated activity across all military domains – in both defensive and offensive operational areas. As a result, CAPDEV timelines and costs are reduced and operational delivery accelerated.

QinetiQ’s capabilities within CEMA Assurance Services include:

  • Threat representation in both open air and shielded facilities.
  • Federated capabilities at multiple classification levels.
  • CEMA Assurance support.
  • SQEP resources spanning all aspects of CEMA.
  • The development of adaptive threat-based environments to meet specific requirements.
  • Live, Virtual and Constructive options.
  • Maximising existing facilities to reduce costs.