Cyberspace presents manifold opportunities. However, operating with confidence in such a highly contested domain can be restricted by the complexity and variety of threats, reducing the potential to maximise those opportunities.

By establishing digital Resilience Partnerships with our customers – blending a broad range of immersive approaches – we can create the optimum environment for organisations to achieve higher digital resistance to hostile actors.

QinetiQ’s team of vetted, expert cyber consultants, architects, engineers and human performance scientists is unrivalled. Their expertise has developed patented intellectual property in securing the world’s most complex, safety-critical environments. Add to this our 20+-years’ experience in successfully delivering exercises for UK MoD, government departments, and commercial organisations and it’s a formidable mix.

It is our ability to draw on this unique mix of experience – coupled with our principled approach to the planning, preparation and execution of exercises – that enables us to help our customers mature their digital resilience and respond effectively to events in cyberspace. Having raised awareness of the impact of cyber incidents on operations we help organisations reduce the time it takes to respond to them and subsequently recover.

QinetiQ’s capabilities within CEMA Assurance Services include:

  • Constructing comprehensive real-world scenarios and environments.
  • Building, configuring and managing cyber simulations and cyber ranges.
  • Preparing individuals and teams for operations.
  • Designing scalable activities for teams, organisations or entire sectors.
  • NCSC-Certified Cyber Professionals and Services.
  • Driving innovation.
  • De-risking technologies and test and evaluation capabilities.
  • Exploiting QinetiQ’s know-how to validate operational procedures in a cost-effective manner.