CSIIS conducts innovative concept and systems development research across a number of technical disciplines/strands including Networks, Services, Communications, Information Assurance, Knowledge Management, Information Management and Information Exploitation.

  • Communications/Networks: investigates and demonstrates options to support a continuously evolving single logical, reconfigurable, resilient information infrastructure (national and coalition) across deployed, fixed and mobile elements; enabling collaboration among Communities of Interest in executing Defence business processes.
  • Information Assurance: investigates and demonstrates policy and technology options for protecting information covering all levels of confidentiality, integrity and availability to enablesecure information exchange and collaborative working within and between the differing security domains of the UK Government, MOD and coalition partners.
  • Knowledge and Information Management: investigates and demonstrates options supporting timely, context-relevant, evidence-based indicators, warnings and advice, with an assessment of confidence, in order to inform the formulation of actions that support decision-making at all levels in the context of a Single Information Environment.

The research programme, led by QinetiQ, currently consists of a consortium (Team Sirius) of 67 organisations including leading UK Defence industry prime contractors, consultancies, Small and Medium Enterprises and Academia. Work undertaken includes conducting feasibility studies and developing roadmaps to provide clear and immediately implementable recommendations and informing significant decision points in a timely fashion. Where appropriate, capabilities are demonstrated using real military equipment so the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) can see how the research results directly meet their needs. It also considers and recommends policy options and changes that enable the UK MOD to exploit developments.

We run an open consortium to deliver CSIIS where new member organisations, with appropriate domain knowledge, skills and expertise can join the consortium at any time, to meet the evolving requirements of Dstl. To date, the CSIIS consortium has delivered 89 research and development tasks, the average duration of which was 4 months and the average value approaching 400K. The average number of organisations employed on a task has been 5, although 42 different organisations have contributed to at least one task.