As the reliance on digital systems increases and the sophistication of cyber attacks continues to grow, it is important that organisations regularly test their ability to defend themselves from a cyber attack.

Many organisations invest heavily in digital security controls and have spent time and effort developing procedures and processes to counteract cyber-attack, but many have never tested these to see if they are fit for purpose in this ever evolving digital world.

It takes regular and repeatable testing cycles to ensure that an organisation is ready to protect and respond to comprise of digital platforms and it often requires sophisticated approaches to replicate and simulate the types of attacks an organisation may face. In many cases testing needs to go far beyond simple exercising of digital systems to identify potential vulnerabilities and move more towards actually testing the resilience of a company’s digital estate and associated operations.

We have a well-established pedigree in providing testing of mission critical services and capabilities for the UK public sector and defence communities, and have built on this to develop the longest established dedicated security and penetration testing team in the world.

Our experts can work with organisations to simulate real-world scenarios and test the digital systems of an enterprise in a way that emulates the attack methods threat actors use to test an organisation's digital resilience posture - practically, safely and ethically.

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