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Built on 20+ years of research, QinetiQ’s unique Intellectual Property (IP) and market leading approaches to target tracking and data fusion are applicable to the Maritime, Land and Air environments.

Although technology can automate the aggregation of the ever-increasing volumes of Information Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) data available, in a world of multiple ISR feeds (both military and commercial) Commanders need confidence that the resulting intelligence and tactical pictures are complete, consistent, relevant and bias-free. Basing strategic, operational and tactical decisions solely on the information provided through machine analysis clearly risks being sub optimal without some understanding of the logic that has been applied by designers, and “black box” AI solutions should be avoided.

QinetiQ’s expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) complements our proven credentials in rules-based tracking and data fusion capabilities – enabling us to cover all aspects of predictive analysis and situational awareness, supporting commanders’ tactical decision making in sub threshold and warfighting operations. Working within language/style and user experience preferences, QinetiQ tailors data fusion solutions to operational needs and future-proofs these with ongoing data science support to ensure they continue to meet new and evolving mission requirements. When presenting information, our approach is to provide commanders with access to all the information needed to build confidence that identity decisions about potentially hostile targets are fully explainable, in order to help them comply with rules of engagement and weapon release criteria.

QinetiQ has deep expertise and an extensive library of IP in track and data fusion. Expertise is available as a service or on a time and materials basis and IP can be licensed as plug-ins to client and third party command and control systems.

Examples of QinetiQ's IP include:

  • IP to extract and fuse raw data from individual RF sensors to create distributed real time sensor networks.
  • A scalable algorithm-based tracker capable of tracking tens of thousands of tracks simultaneously.
  • A rules-based data fusion engine that takes live data feeds from multiple sensor types to create a fully fused and auditable wide area tactical/operational picture in real time.