QinetiQ is a world leader in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) and offers a comprehensive range of consultancy, design and test services to provide our customers with confidence, compliance and certification that the performance of their aircraft and sub-systems is assured.

We have a large team of highly skilled EMC specialists, with modern and well equipped UK-based test facilities, and a fully mobile HIRF (High Intensity Radiated Fields) and PED (Portable Electronic Device) test capability. As a consequence, we can offer a complete and accredited EMC service to satisfy our customers’ EMC requirements.


  • HIRF (High Intensity Radiate Fields) 
    Full Aircraft Testing
  • TPED (Transmitting Portable 
    Electronic Device)
  • PED-IPL (Portable Electronic Device – Interference Path 
  • Equipment Level Testing
  • HERO (Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to 
  • EMC Design Advice
  • EMC Consultancy
  • EMC Training
  • Trials Planning

EMC mobile test facilities

Our fully-mobile test capability can be transported anywhere in the world to provide EMC testing using low level swept current, low level swept field, bulk current injection, radiated susceptibility, and portable equipment device techniques to the latest UKAS accredited standards.

Recognising the importance of minimising ground time during the development lifecycle, our team offers flexible working patterns, multiple shifts, and real-time data analysis to maximise test efficiency.


UKAS accredited test standards

QinetiQ is accredited by UKAS to perform the following aircraft based equipment and aircraft tests:

  • RTCA DO-160D-G
  • EUROCAE ED107A / SAE ARP 5583A
  • Defence Standard 59-411, Part 3 and Part 4
  • Military Standard 461E-G.


EMC design advice and consultancy

Early stage customer interaction through our design and consultancy services provides customer advantage, enabling decades of experience to be applied –from initial design stage through to aircraft integration – avoiding costly and time-consuming redesign at later stages of the development cycle.


EMC UK-based test facilities

Our UK-based test facilities include high power reverberation chambers and large semi-anechoic test chambers to perform equipment level EMC tests to both military and civil test standards.

Our flexible and multi-disciplinary technical team can provide customised test programmes to address customers’ varying requirements, and deliver early stage EMC compliance confidence in advance of full aircraft certification testing