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EO and IR testing

The Night Vision Systems Test House provides a range of Electro-Optical and Infra-Red target possibilities to help test all types of optical equipment and heat sensors.

The facility offers a wide range of cost-effective and repeatable ground tests using EO and IR targets boards. Our expertise and capabilities with the mobile test facility allows you to examine:

  • sensing equipment resolution
  • minimum resolvable and detectable temperature difference (MRTD and MDTD)
  • suitable for almost any thermal sensor either airborne, space, land or sea going
  • suitable for thermal sensors operating in the long, medium and short wave IR
  • the array angle can be adjusted to suit the application
  • a time stamp recording is possible to help with analysis

Features Include:

  • Electro-optical panels
  • IR panels
  • IR collimator
  • Blackbody source
  • Thermal cameras
Electro-Optical and Infra-Red targets x 4
Infra-Red target
Electro-Optical and Infra-Red banner
Infra-Red target from the rear