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Information Advantage in Space - Capitalising on the Data Revolution

Not since the space race in the last century has the space domain experienced such an exciting and dramatic change.

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Information Advantage
At QinetiQ, we are at the forefront of disruptive technology, delivering mission-critical solutions that respond to our customers’ needs at pace, across the defence, security and critical national infrastructure markets.

We have a deep understanding of the needs and future requirements of the UK MOD, currently supporting a number of vital missions and projects across all domains, adopting a mission-led innovation approach to harness new technology. Our focus markets are in four of the five eyes community, with an established US business and growing footprint in Australia and Canada, enabling vast collaboration opportunities across the globe. As world-leading experts in creating capability to solve complex problems, accelerating these to reality with advanced test and evaluation and providing the assurance to achieve competitive advantage, we have the solution for you.

Global Navigation Satellite System receiver

The Q40-MicroPNT™ and Q40-MicroStrike™ are part of a family of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receivers developed and marketed globally by QinetiQ.

Spaceflight Training

We offer training to enhance the experience and help customers prepare for commercial suborbital spaceflight.

Space Security

Space Security covers both the security of satellites and their supporting infrastructures, and the use of security capabilities delivered by them to protect our way of life.

Think small, aim low: a new direction for satellite communications

“Through the marvels of scientific advance, my voice is coming to you from a satellite circling in outer space.” - President Eisenhower, 1958.

QinetiQ communications technology to link ExoMars with Earth

The European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission is due to arrive on the Red Planet in October 2016 – and when it gets there, British communications technology from QinetiQ will link the two worlds.

Revolutionary low impact docking solution ticks all of the right boxes

Developing a reliable and resilient berthing and docking solution that offers improved control, faultless capture, and optimum safety was just part of the challenge facing QinetiQ as the European Space Agency’s prime contractor

We are trusted to design and deliver mission success. Over 35 mission-years in orbit delivering observation, platforms, science, navigation, propulsion, and secure communications support across military, security and civil space sectors.


QinetiQ's Space Capabilities

Download our PDF infographic detailing over 35 mission-years of success in the Space sector.

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Testing for space: embracing change

Testing technology is difficult and intricate at the best of times. Testing technologies for space is in a league of its own.

Manipulative Robotics? Not Necessarily a bad thing

Space and robots go back a long way. The robotic Sputnik 1 launched back in October of 1957, making history as earth’s first artificial satellite.

Small and Mighty: The Triumph of the Small Satellite

Since the beginning of the ‘space race’, there has been a growing market for satellites. But it’s small satellites – with a mass of under 1000kg - that have truly ‘taken off’ over the last few years.