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Using our Pilatus PC 12 Spectre aircraft, we deliver maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) services.

The aircraft are equipped with radars, avionics, optronics and video options and used, for example, for range clearing operations before and during weapons test trials. Our Maritime Patrol Support can monitor a danger area of up to 40,000 square kilometres, delivering more effective monitoring than land-based radar surveillance installations. The MPA ensures the area is free of activity, allows for longer endurance and offers better surveillance results, which enables extended firing campaigns and increased use of the Range.

Our Maritime Patrol Aircraft is used in multiple scenarios, such as military range clearing before live-firing trials, search and rescue missions at sea, pollution control and border patrol missions.

Fitted with the most modern sensors and a powerful mission operations system, the PC-12 is the ideal low-cost platform. Having achieved the highest safety standards, the PC-12 is able to compete with twin-engine aircraft, and is a worldwide-operated asset, allowing organisations to reduce supply chain cost and mitigate risk of aircraft sat on the ground being unused.

Benefits of our aircraft
  • Long endurance - flight duration of up to 6 hours on scene
  • Radar sensor system to detect objects
  • Crew are able to approach any area or object of interest and take a closer look using the on board multi-sensor camera system
  • The enhanced reality system enables the crew to concentrate on the core of the mission
  • The downlink system and radio comms suite allow live sharing of information with other mission participants
  • Initially designed to be used primarily for a Maritime Patrol Aircraft, the sensor suite also has high potential for ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance), land and air missions.
  • High reliability but low operational costs
  • Can operate day and night
  • Can be equipped with any kind of sensors/avionics (modular build)

As part of our Maritime Mission Support, we also offer the following:

System for Simulation of Chemical Attacks (SSCA):

  • Spray attack flights with coloured water on naval ships
  • 2 x 350 litre water tanks

Air Defence Radar:

  • Approaches
  • Simulated Attacks

Anti-Aircraft Firing:

  • Live Fire Exercises
  • Short Range Air Defence training