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High Speed Inflatable Towed Targets (HSITT)

The HSITT™ MkS, MkS2 and MkII are high-performance towed naval training targets, designed for Threat Representation and military operational training.

High Speed Inflatable Towed Targets (HSITT)

MkS & MkS2

The MkS is a foam-filled target, exclusively designed to prevent sinking. The MkS2 is an inflatable version, without foam, to allow for easy transport and storage. Both variants of the HSITT have the same dimensions and can be utilised as a towed secondary target or as a secondary/drift target (sea-anchored in place).

Compatible for use with our Barracuda and Hammerhead uncrewed surface targets, the HSITT (MkS & MkS2) can also be towed by other naval or auxiliary vessels and are effective in replicating various close quarter threats.



Made from an unique PVC material, the HSITT MkII is divided into five redundant air chambers and has been proven to withstand multiple direct hits before being rendered inoperable. Primarily designed as a cost-effective ‘kill-target’ it can be easily repaired mid-mission - increasing the target’s lifespan and continued operational use.

Featuring a patented "water skeg" keel, the increased stability in the HSITT prevents the towed target from rolling due to weather conditions or becoming unstable at high speeds. This allows militaries to employ the HSITT Mk ll in both calm and rough sea conditions.

Compatible for use with our Barracuda uncrewed surface target, the HSITT MkII can also be towed by other naval or auxiliary vessels.


Key Features
  • Low-cost and expendable.
  • Easily towable
  • Speeds of over 25 knots (MkS & MkS2) and 36 knots (MkII).
  • Skeg design for high stability.
  • Proven world-wide service and customer support.