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Incident Response

Cyber intrusions and data breaches continue to grow with year on year increases in both frequency and amount of data and records compromised.

Incident Response

Organisations must prepare now, not only on how to respond to security Incidents, but also how to respond to a data breach in a world where speed and transparency are key to securing customer trust.

It takes practice and repetition to succeed in any field, and responding to incidents is no different, yet many organisations do not invest the time or resources in preparing for an unexpected cyber security incident.

Our expert Incident Response team works with our partners to ensure that they are prepared and able to respond quickly and efficiently in the most critical hours of a security incident. The service provides a broad range of incident response capabilities, from onsite workshops to help organisations prepare incident response plans and policies, through to bespoke table top incident exercises designed to test procedures and validate playbooks.

By leveraging our incident Response service, organisations can quickly respond and recover from Cyber Attacks, resulting in dramatically reduced reputational, financial and regulatory impacts.

The service follows four key principles to personalise the service and deliver exceptional security value. They are:

Response Planning & Table Top Exercising

Our service works with customer organisations to help them understand, test and develop, defensive response procedures such that they are fit for purpose and commensurate with the threat landscape. Working at all levels of the organisation our team of experts work closely with you to review existing procedures, identify gaps and produce new processes for operational teams to adopt in the event of a cyber-attack.

Incident Management

Our team of Incident Response consultants is on hand to deploy either remotely or on site to contain and eradicate cyber threats when our partners need them the most. Our team utilises the latest in endpoint detection and response technologies, augmented with real-time, proprietary threat intelligence to deploy and sweep across environments, which allows organisations to identify the scope of intrusions, contain them quickly and recover rapidly.

Attack Attribution Investigation & Assessment

We recognise that often organisations want to understand a given attack after the issues have been resolved, such that they can take further action, either directly against the perpetrator or to implement mechanisms to prevent similar occurrences in the future.

The service draws on our wider threat intelligence capability to explore the attack in detail and perform root cause analysis on the problem. The key aim here is to provide the customer, with a clear detailed understanding of the attack and, where possible, attribution of the attack.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is a capability that is growing in demand, either in the wake of a cyber-attack, or through a need to understand disgruntled employee activities on company owned digital infrastructure.

Digital Forensics can help unlock the true picture of the events that have occurred and provide evidence that can be used to resolve disputes or demonstrate accountability in the event it is needed.

We work closely with an organisation throughout the incident response process to ensure that the chain of evidence is maintained and, through deep analysis, produce a package of evidence which can be used if required in criminal proceedings.

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