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At the centre of intelligence organisations are professional and highly skilled analysts and support personnel working in their tradecraft during a time of significant data and operational transformation. As the complex operating environment evolves, constant adaption of how personnel are trained and developed is needed to keep ahead of technological changes and operational threats.

Updating the scope and standards of intelligence tradecraft across multiple disciplines now requires a different approach. To stay ahead, tradecraft transformation must seek to closely align tried and tested delivery of training that is highly flexible, with innovation including operationally focussed, technologically enabled learning closely aligned with live operations to develop personnel that stay at the cutting edge of data centric intelligence operations.

We support our customers by taking a user-first, transformational approach to tradecraft development. We draw on world leading training, innovation and operational expertise to enhance mission-focussed tradecraft to ensure it is highly adaptable and always relevant. Our approach includes how intelligence tradecraft merges established methods of development with the latest technologies including Automation and Artificial Intelligence to ensure personnel are ready to support the mission and stay relevant throughout their career.

QinetiQ’s capabilities within Intelligence Tradecraft Transformation include delivery within:

  • Advanced synthetic intelligence training capabilities
  • Integrating live data in training and experimentation
  • Electronic Warfare and Mission Data training
  • Intelligence training and tradecraft development and build
  • Exercise and training support and control
  • Domain expertise in geospatial, imagery and open source domains
  • Development of all-source and intelligence fusion capabilities