KEC Launcher

The QinetiQ Target Systems’ KEC launcher is a proven design that has been in continuous worldwide service on land and at sea for almost 30 years.

KEC Launcher

Its simple design and rugged construction ensures reliable operation in the world’s harshest environments.

The launcher has a maximum launch velocity of 34 metres/ second (dependent on air vehicle mass) and has been successfully used to launch air vehicles of over 140 kg in weight. Typically, an air vehicle of 90 kg can be launched at 32 metres/second.

The launch rail has an operating length of 13 metres. It is constructed of welded, box section mild steel. The rail is made in three sections which are joined together by hinges allowing it to be folded for unobstructed road, air or sea transport.

Whilst the launcher may be used as a free-standing unit is generally fitted to the top of a ground support trailer. It is attached at one end of the trailer body (draw bar end) by a pivot mechanism bolted to the support frame under the body. At the rear end, the launcher is attached by a pair of hydraulic rams extended using a manually operated hydraulic pump. The rams are used to elevate the rail to its 20° operating angle. A pair of support legs is positioned between the launch rail and the top of the trailer body to provide a rigid support when the launcher is in the elevated (operating) position.

Key Features
  • Launch speeds to 34 metres/second
  • Air vehicles to 140kg mass
  • Rugged design and simple operation
  • Easy maintenance and repair
  • Low acquisition cost
  • Rapid deployment
  • Fast turnaround time