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Land Sensor Systems & Solutions


QinetiQ supports the development and prototyping of a full-spectrum imaging system for the detection of a specific targets of interest.

Bistatic Surveillance Systems (BSS)

BSS provides radar-based Force Protection and ISR surrounding US bases OCONUS. It detects personnel and vehicles and warns of possible threat activity using operators trained to observe patterns of life. Deployed on two 80-foot towers, QinetiQ is developing a more portable version.

Integrated Solutions

QinetiQ provides state-of-the-art capabilities for optics assembly, alignment, characterization, testing, and evaluation.

Integrated Sensor Systems (GECO)

QinetiQ supports an integrated hyperspectral gantry system for the detection of specific targets of interest.

Integrated Sensor Architecture (CUAS)

QinetiQ supports a multispectral system that provides video outputs and targeting information over a network connection via the Integrated Sensor Architecture.

Soldier Sensor Systems (IVAS)

QinetiQ chaired ICD working groups and develops and produces electronic test sets required for the Integrated Visual Augmentation System (IVAS).

Mission Focus Critical (OPFOR)

QinetiQ is supporting the development of a Thermal Sight System that can be fielded by the Opposing Force (OPFOR) surrogate vehicles.

Situational Awareness (NGCV)

QinetiQ is integrating software and hardware for NGCV’s complete local situational awareness suite. This includes target recognition, fire detection, and degraded visual environment driving.

Training, Test and Evaluation (JETS)

QinetiQ provides data and target generation support or the Joint Effects Targeting System (JETS) Emulator, which trains field artillery soldiers how to conduct artillery fire missions and calls for fire onto targets of opportunity and planned missions.

Ground Combat Systems Integration Laboratory (GCSIL).

The Ground Combat Systems Integration Laboratory (GCSIL) allows for live, virtual and synthetic modeling with full scale integration of sensors using VR, AR, MR and AI/ML for full-scale experimentation and evaluation prior to unit operational testing.

Virtual testing and evaluation is also conducted in the GCSIL.


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