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An ever evolving and increasingly complex threat environment means it is inevitable organisations will have to deal with cyber incidents. It is vital their business impact and cost is minimised. 

We work with our customers in UK government (including defence and intelligence agencies), critical national infrastructure and commercial sectors, where confidentiality, integrity and resilience are of the utmost importance, to deliver cyber-security monitoring services. Through automation, integration and innovation, we deliver a truly collaborative experience, working closely with you to protect your vital interests and generating bespoke threat-detection content based on your business needs and the risks you face.

What is a Security Operations Centre (SOC)?

A SOC delivers uninterrupted monitoring of an organisation’s IT network, desktops, laptops, servers, databases, applications, security systems, internet traffic and all other components within the digital infrastructure. Any incidents detected will be investigated and analysed promptly, with alerts raised and immediate action taken to minimise the risk of operational disruption from a potential security breach.

What does a SOC do?

  • Monitors, detects, analyses security data throughout an organisation’s digital infrastructure
  • Provides 24/7 protection from cyber threats
  • Uses advanced tools, automation and specialist expertise to maximise protection
  • Full incident reporting
  • Vulnerability management
  • Raises alerts to ensure a prompt response to any cyber attack
  • Forensic analysis of security events
  • Behaviour modelling
  • Ensures continuous intelligence and awareness of constantly evolving and emerging threats
Our Security Monitoring and Threat Hunting Service delivers around-the-clock log collection, alert monitoring, orchestration of events, incident management, threat hunting and analyst investigation activities. We provide enhanced threat detection through the tailored use of SIEM, EDR, and Vulnerability Management, continually developed and enriched with threat intelligence.

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Cyber email tutorial

Our five part email tutorial will help you to deliver an effective, resilient and dynamic cyber security solution.

Alert monitoring

Alert Monitoring

Our Alert Monitoring solution is delivered from a UK, List X facility, staffed 24 x 7 x 365 by highly-trained analysts, experienced in detecting and responding to security threats across a range of technologies and business operations. The service is designed to evolve to meet the changing threats and requirements of multiple customers, aligning with your risk appetite and future policy development.



Our approach optimises the quality and efficiency of a SIEM configuration ensuring it is set up to detect the risks that really matter to you. It demonstrates to your regulator that you are adopting a rigorous, systematic approach to implementing appropriate and cost-effective solutions. We address the full scope of a SIEM implementation, from initial consulting, requirements capture and architecture design to a complete ground-up deployment. Our approach takes into account the latest from industry leaders such as the NCSC, and follows the standards of NIST and SANS.

Threat hunting

Threat Hunting

Our Advanced Threat Hunting service is an extension of its CSOC service and provides a much deeper insight into the threats and attacks occurring within your organisation. We will proactively hunt for threats, identifying the most subtle changes of a person’s or system’s behaviour. Taking this proactive, enhanced approach to threat detection reduces attacker dwell time, accelerates incident detection and response, and greatly reduces the impact of security incidents when they occur. You have increased confidence in your digital resilience in the knowledge that threat hunts are ongoing across your digital systems, and are not solely reliant on comparatively passive alarm triggers.

Endpoint detection and response

Endpoint, Detection & Response

Our Endpoint, Detection and Response (EDR) service is based on the industry leading VMWare Carbon Black technology solution. It helps collect and visualize comprehensive information about endpoint events, giving greater visibility into your environments. In the event of a compromise, EDR provides the power to respond and remediate in real time, containing threats and repairing damage quickly by providing faster end-to-end response and remediation and accelerated IR and threat hunting.

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability Management

Our fully managed Vulnerability Assessment Service helps to identify and address network vulnerabilities and to manage their risk profile. Ever evolving attack methodologies and daily discovered new vulnerabilities are scanned to provide complete identification coverage for software flaws and configuration issues across physical, virtual and cloud deployments. Key processes include external perimeter assessment, internal network assessment and web application testing. You’ll receive clear, concise and informative executive and detailed technical reports complete with remediation advice.

What sets us apart

We understand the most effective approaches to deliver the highest levels of assurance for security-conscious clients. We work every day in highly-regulated sectors such as financial services, critical infrastructure and government, to provide protection against the most advanced, well-resourced, and motivated threats. Our heritage and full catalogue of security services gives us the breadth and depth of expertise to provide a managed security service that aligns not just with best security practice, but also your key business outcomes.
Cyber Resilience Email Tutorial
From understanding how your business operates, to enabling continued assurance and development, our five part email tutorial will help you to deliver an effective, resilient and dynamic cyber security solution.
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