Maritime Life Support

Our hyperbaric trials unit (HTU) is used to test and evaluate escape systems and components to 150 bar.

Diver in Ocean Basin

The HTU has a unique capability to recreate the actual pressure conditions of escape from a submerged submarine, independent of the performance of the components under test. This capability is essential for the evaluation of submarine escape, rescue, abandonment and survival (SMERAS) equipment against any defined test standards.

  • SMERAS systems design, integration, testing and assurance
  • Optimised and cost-effective advice, support and assurance
  • A deep understanding of submarines and associated safety issues
  • World-leading expertise delivered by highly qualified professionals
  • Ongoing submarine safety research and development
  • SMERAS associated expertise in diving
  • All supported by an extensive range of tried and tested software, equipment and facilities
  • Independent and impartial SMERAS advice

Unique selling points

QinetiQ’s SMERAS Support Services have helped submarine fleets around the world, including the UK Royal Navy, and the Italian, Dutch, Norwegian and Canadian navies. As a long-established research, test and evaluation partner for the UK Royal Navy, we conduct leading research into physiological effects in the SMERAS environment. This includes:

  • Concept design and development
  • Tower escape systems
  • Surface abandonment
  • DISSUB survival support
  • Submersible rescue
  • Audit assessment
  • Submarine atmosphere control and monitoring

Additionally, we have a rapid response team of Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) qualified personnel ready to conduct at-sea trials at any time.