Modular Electronic Warfare System (MEWS)

MEWS can scan large parts of the electromagnetic spectrum for RF energy in the form of communications and other electromagnetic signals emitted by adversary forces.


Utilising advanced signal detection and clustering techniques, MEWS can detect, direction find, exploit and display signals of interest for further analysis.

A highly versatile system, MEWS can display all signals within a specified frequency range and locate particular signals of interest for further investigation. It also provides a powerful post-event analysis capability; all signal activity prior to a particular event, an IED attack for example, can be displayed for comprehensive intelligence gathering. For additional intelligence gathering requirements, MEWS also provides a valuable Battlespace Spectrum Monitoring capability that can be used to identify frequency usage within the area of operation.

MEWS integrates a combination of lightweight, battery powered components that use software-defined radio and modular hardware for maximum flexibility. This approach enables a multi-role capability that can be readily upgraded as target signals and digital processing techniques evolve. Multiple MEWS systems can be networked to enable Position Fixing on signals of interest and sharing of information for a complete intelligence picture. Expansion interfaces can be provided to enable integration and interoperation as part of a larger system. This includes integration with L-3 TRL’s range of Electronic Attack (EA) jamming systems.

The user interface for MEWS is provided by our Infoviewer software that incorporates a range of features for detailed analysis, mapping and filtering to support identification and location of key signals of interest. The software provides a comprehensive threat warning capability. In order to utilise the full capabilities of MEWS, and optimise its effectiveness, we work with L-3 TRL to supply a range of training and support solutions which provide customers with cost-effective, complete through-life support capability.

Key benefits
  • Portable and lightweight tactical system
  • High performance spectrum surveillance
  • Automatic Direction Finding of every signal
  • Position Fixing of threat emissions
  • Audio monitoring & digital IQ recording
  • Designed for rapid deployment