Procurement & Contracting

The most valuable insight into what makes a successful procurement process comes from hands on experience with operating and managing contracts. Our procurement experts have been involved in many complex and sensitive tendering, contracting and transition activities. Our experience across the broad spectrum of procurement support provides a strong basis for identifying procedural improvements to ensure you achieve the best results from every activity.

Performance-Based Contracting

The idea behind Performance-Based Contracting is simple: Incentivise behaviour by tying contract payment to contract performance. However, Performance-Based Contracts that incentivise the same behaviour year after year will not be optimal. Our unique combination of Performance-Based Contracting skills, experience and process can help you achieve your business objectives.

Whether you are experienced or new to Performance-Based Contracting, QinetiQ offers a range of tailored training solutions. From a detailed workshop or simple introductory briefing through to coaching your existing contracting team, we can help you grow your knowledge base.

We are partners in your success and will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you throughout the contract life cycle. From initial concept and development through to negotiation, implementation and on-going management, we will provide Performance-Based Contracting tailored to your needs.

Our Performance-Based Contracting services include:

  • Conducting stakeholder workshops to determine requirements and KPIs.
  • Selecting KPIs, including setting performance levels.
  • Development payment regimes including incentive arrangements.
  • Drafting various contractual documents.
  • Drafting responses to tenderers.
  • Conducting tender evaluation and negotiations
  • Implementing new Performance-Based Contracts.
  • Performance monitoring, review and management.
Procurement and Contracting