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Radar Impact Assessment Services

Delivering proven radar impact assessment services to the global wind farm industry

Wind Farm

We assess the impact of wind turbines on radars and telecommunication systems.

Our deep understanding of radar design and reflectivity measurements, Air Traffic Management, material design and characterisation, and military and civil communications has been developed over many years – we have performed over 600 studies for 200 customers in 26 countries.

We offer independent analysis, advice and support on impact assessment and mitigation, from the early planning stages of wind farm development through to detailed assessments and implementation. Our impartiality ensures that problems and mitigation opportunities are identified quickly to reduce cost and avoid delay.

Our work has supported many of the world’s leading wind farm developers, such as Dong, EDF, EON, RES, SSE and Vattenfall. We also offer services to small scale wind farm developers, and radar and aviation stakeholders, such as the UK MOD, Eurocontrol and Belgocontrol.

Our wide range of radar impact assessment services include:

  • Research and safeguarding rules
  • Project planning and development services
  • Radar impact assessment and diagnostic services
  • Solution development and support services
  • Cost reductions based on delivering pre-planning advice early in the project lifecycle
  • Removal of planning objections by demonstrating that likely impacts are acceptable

Underpinning our highly qualified and experienced engineers is secure, cutting edge facilities, equipment and software, which have been validated over decades of use for radar and material design.

Our advanced modelling tools also support assessments of other sensory systems, such as:

We are also applying advanced technologies to develop intelligent solutions for the wind-energy industry, including stealth turbines that reduce the amount of radar energy reflected back to a radar.

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Wind farm

Radar impact assessment services in action