Radio Frequency Environment Generator

The Radio Frequency Environment Generator is an open area test site capable of high power radiated susceptibility testing over a wide frequency range, able to accommodate large systems, such as civil airliners and large transport aircraft.


Services include complete evaluation and test activity, system review and test design conduct, data analysis and reporting.

Electromagnetic compatibility testing is conducted in a safe and secure environment by a dedicated team of experienced personnel.

  • Microwave Radiation Testing, VHF Testing, UHF Testing, HF Testing, System Malfunction Monitoring, Electro-Explosive Device (EED) Testing and Modulation
  • Testing is conducted from 5MHz to 35GHz
  • 120 licensed frequencies are available
  • Fully automated test equipment under software control for rapid re-configuration and test conduct
  • Testing under engine running conditions
  • Radiated testing covering the HF, VHF, UHF and microwave frequency bands
  • Dedicated test monitoring station and control room
  • Rigorous safety procedures include CCTV and strict personnel control
  • Crew rooms and facilities for support personnel
  • Storage of test systems