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Rattler Gal-ST

The Rattler Ground Air-Launched Supersonic Target (GAL-ST) system has been designed and engineered to realistically replicate air-launched Anti-Radiation Missiles (ARMs) and Supersonic High-Diver threats.

We will operate Rattler for highly effective weapon system Research Development Test & Evaluation, Operational Test & Evaluation, and training-oriented air defence scenarios.

Rattler Gal-ST

The Rattler GAL-ST is highly cost effective, suitable for use over land and at sea, entered service with an Initial Operating Capability (IOC) in May 2018 and can either be ground launched or carried under the Banshee Jet 80, which has a range of more than 100 km. The Rattler travels at speeds of greater than Mach 1.8 to Mach 2.5, using a unique material composition that provides high-speed kinematic performance at a very low cost compared to other manoeuvrable supersonic targets currently available on the market.

The GAL-ST transmits Time Space and Positioning Information (TSPI) and target status telemetry data in real time for range safety and operational requirements monitoring, and can accommodate radar or infrared augmentation, and other payload integration for specific weapon system requirements. Additionally, the target includes a Flight Termination System to maintain range safety during all phases of flight.

Key Features

  • Supersonic high-diver missile threat replication
  • Suitable for use over land and at sea
  • Target performance and RCS adaptable to mission requirements
  • Best cost-to-performance ratio on the market

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QinetiQ Brings to Market the Air-Launched “Rattler” UAV Supersonic Target

QinetiQ has unveiled the world’s first in-its-class Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV) supersonic target that can be attached to its jet Banshee aerial target and launched during flight.

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