The ROSIE System provides the ability to quickly, safely and effectively, with a +0.3oF (+0.15oC) accuracy, measure an individual’s skin temperature without being in close contact to the individual.

Quick and Effective system

The ROSIE system provides automated non-contact temperature scanning. It can efficiently scan temperatures at a range of 6 –10 feet (1.8 – 3.0 meters), and has a quick and easy set-up configuration allowing for mobility of the system. ROSIE alerts the operator of individuals with elevated temperatures for additional screening without violating HIPAA regulations. ROSIE can be permanently mounted to a ceiling or wall or operated on a tripod and has the ability to scan and return results in approximately one second. ROSIE also features selectable Audio Alerts that alerts the operator of an elevated temperature.

ROSIE’s capability was initially demonstrated in cooperation with the US Government and deployed at DoD facilities worldwide.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Thermal Imaging can measure skin temperature faster and with same accuracy compared to forehead thermometers which puts the user in close proximity with the subject
  • Increases the rate of screening of individuals entering a facility
  • Setup and Configuration can be performed in less than an hour by one person
  • PII or health information is not stored or displayed by the system