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Satellite based tracking

We have developed a simple highly effective ‘pay-as-you-go’ satellite-based asset tracking service, which enables you to have complete control of all your assets at any given time.

The service provides truly global coverage, enhancing situational awareness by enabling the user to locate and track their assets 24/7.

Bushman Commander
A robust command and control terminal designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It builds on the success of the existing Bushman tracking system in use by the British armed forces. Providing a level of robustness proven by ISAF NATO operations in Afghanistan. The commander receives its data from two independent paths to ensure the user is always connected anywhere in the world.

Bushman Air
A flight cleared tracking solution for use in the airborne environment. The modem unit can be placed remotely in the avionics bay, while the control unit can be integrated directly into the cockpit. It includes a quick release mechanism to enable the tracker to be used by aircrew should they become compromised.

Bushman Dismounted
A lightweight handheld personal tracking device which can be easily attached to body armour or webbing for the combat fighting soldier. Highly flexible, the unit can be set into a range of modes including; motion activation, text messaging and immediate emergency alert notification.

Bushman Mobile
Capable of operating from either vehicle power or battery, Bushman Mobile provides NATO coalition forces with an accurate and up to date battle picture. The ruggedized device operates in the harshest of operational theatre environments matching the tempo and rigour of current military operations.

Bushman asset tracking