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Ship Air Integration

Recognised as a world-leading Ship Air Integration (SAI) provider and regulated by the UK Ministry of Defence and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), we have more than 40 years’ global SAI experience and a proven track record of successful delivery.

Ship Air Integration

Providing SAI services to regulators, ship designers, ship builders, aircraft manufacturers and the defence sector, our solutions range from helping to define customer requirements, design and manufacture support, instrumentation, safety assessments, modelling and analysis, through to flight trials, all culminating in the provision of a fully-substantiated clearance.


  • Wide experience from frigates to aircraft carriers, attack helicopters, transport, unmanned and anti-submarine aircraft
  • Recognised experts in both air and maritime domains, with globally deployable teams
  • Assured and cost-effective delivery of capability using a combination of modelling, simulation and trials
  • World recognised engineering, instrumentation and flight test professionals
  • Ongoing collaborative research and development (R&D) programmes to improve and upgrade our tools and methods

Unique selling points

Our wealth of experience leads to cost-effective customer solutions. Our ability to provide a complete solution, from concept to capability generation, covering both the air and maritime domains is unique in the market place.

Technical features

  • Provision of enabling services such as requirements analysis, ships motion modelling, deck motion analysis and simulation
  • Capabilities ranging from ship air-wake, deck-motion modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and practical measurements of anemometry systems, aircraft and ship instrumentation
  • Practical assessment of both aircraft and ships
  • Data and experience exploitation leading to cost-effective envelope expansion
  • Generation of supporting documentation from safety assessments to flight limitations
  • Use of standard instrumentation and analysis tools
  • Provision of SAI training services through the world-renowned Empire Test Pilot School (ETPS)

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