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QinetiQ is a seasoned small mission prime and the main supplier of small satellite missions to the European Space Agency (ESA), including the latest generation of the highly successful PROBA platform. We design and deliver advanced subsystems and highly specialised small satellites platforms to meet the specific needs of government agencies and commercial customers. From a single mission to establishing a small constellation of satellites, we work in close partnership with our customers to deliver robust, customised and highly efficient satellite solutions.

Our platforms combine technological innovation, reliability and operational autonomy to deliver high performance outcomes that meet the highest quality standards while also minimising operational costs. QinetiQ’s systems are capable of serving multiple applications including remote sensing and communications and feature in both single and multi-payload missions as part of main-stream objectives, critical infrastructure and/or In-Orbit Demonstration (IOD) of new technologies.

What our customers say: “Over the last decade ‘Proba’ has become synonymous with small high-performance satellites, designed around innovation”.

Combining the benefits of lower launch costs with high performance and reliability, our satellites can carry up to 100 kg of mass, and their high level of manoeuvrability delivers the high precision pointing capability typically associated with larger platforms. Significantly, the platforms are designed for a multitude of applications and have the capacity to carry sophisticated payloads such as high resolution cameras, remote sensing, tracking, radio and data communication systems.

Drawing on extensive experience in systems integration and engineering, we design and configure our platforms for a very wide range of applications. These include the testing and validation of advanced instrumentation and next generation technologies in space, where our customers benefit from our unrivalled test and evaluation expertise and facilities. With a strong pedigree in the defence sector, our specialist teams in technical support, cyber security and encryption also provide the reassurance of secure and resilient satellite communications solutions.

With over 40 years of operational experience working with ESA on small satellite programmes, we have proven the success, long-term survivability and autonomous operation of our satellites. Such knowledge and insight lowers our customers’ exposure to risk and also enables us to minimise satellite operating costs.

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