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Smart & Stealth Materials

We can control the propagation of light, heat, sound, vibration and radio signals via the use of bespoke materials, tailored to the problem at hand. Our facilities and capabilities can offer multispectral operation and innovation for design and prototyping for both military and civil customers.



We have capability in stealth materials across the three major signature control domains:
  • Acoustic stealth materials
  • Radio frequency (RF) stealth materials
  • Electro-optic (EO) stealth materials

Smart and Stealth Materials

We have unique equipment and capabilities to offer modelling, design, prototyping and trials for a wide range of stealth treatments. We provide robust practical solutions, advice and assessment services to governments, commercial customers and the global defence industry, and our stealth materials are used to optimise the signatures of major military platforms.


Our background in stealth enables us to control the propagation of light, heat, sound, vibration and radio signals via the use of bespoke materials to solve problems in the commercial world. This unique expertise, together with our industry and academic contacts, equips us to provide a wide range of bespoke military and commercial solutions, including:

  • Paints and appliques to combat thermal issues and visibility of stealth assets, e.g. items getting too hot when they need to look cold, or reducing glint from the sun
  • Radar absorbing composites, such a stealth wind turbines
  • Radio frequency shielding, e.g. reducing interference and cross-over radiation
  • Combat ID systems – ‘friend-or-foe’ discrimination for people and vehicles
  • RFID solutions e.g. for tagging inventory and tracking vehicles
  • Increasing visibility of items in challenging environments e.g. at night
  • Camouflage pattern design and assessment
  • Thermal and electromagnetic control
  • Noise and vibration control