The Snipe™ Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) is a reliable entry-level target platform for Threat Representation simulations and military operational training.



Produced initially as a simple model aircraft target, the Snipe has been modified over the years, introducing enhanced components and additional capabilities. 

Now manufactured with QinetiQ’s mini CASPA Avionics unit onboard, the Snipe has autonomous flight capability to over 40km and enhanced stabilisation. Launched by hand or via a lightweight catapult launcher, this target is in service in several countries and is successful in various climates. With the recovery in parachute ejection or a skid landing, this UAV is perfectly positioned in the market for use as a direct-hit target. 

Versatile, low-cost, and equipped with our range of optional payloads, the Snipe can be effectively customised to meet customer requirements worldwide.


Key Features
  • Land and sea launching capability.
  • Automatic fail-safe system and digital command/telemetry links.
  • Ability to carry smoke and IR flares simultaneously.
  • Solution-focused with bespoke payload options.
  • Proven world-wide service and customer support.