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The first system to control air, land and sea vehicles simultaneously, this portable unmanned vehicle ground control system has proven itself over more than 1,000,000 hours in training and operation.

All QinetiQ UTCS models have been tailored to mission requirements against a backdrop of over 25 years’ experience. Whether shipboard-mounted, at a fixed site, with or without a video link, a UTCS model will provide all the functionality needed.

With a modular design for quick shipboard and land-based installation and operation, this turnkey solution provides complete target command and control functionality for air, land and sea-based targets and unmanned vehicles.

A state-of-the-art multi-unit control link enables command and control of 16-plus vehicles through four processor and command modules, each controlling up to four vehicles. Independent vehicle control panels (also command and control points) provide operators with the full range of critical instrumentation such as pitch and roll, payload status and control.

It is the only system to include 3-D electronic vector maps with realistic 3-D vehicle control and instant realistic feedback. Full manual and automatic scroll modes ensure excellent mission command and highly accurate target-specific views. Mission simulation overlay and waypoint editors make the system a powerful mission planning and navigation tool. During exercise, ships are equipped with special modules to enable the UTCS to identify coordinates of participants.