Visual Scoring

Our Scanning Projectile Impact Evaluation System (SPIES) is a visual scoring system for naval gunnery exercises, measuring fall-of-the-shot accurately in near real time.

Its rotating, shuttered video camera provides continuous panoramic surveillance of the impact area. A proprietary software package calculates miss distance.

SPIES is a miss distance scoring system designed to provide scoring information on near field projectile impacts for use in military training and weapons evaluation. Scoring is dependent on visual evidence of projectile impact (splash, debris, etc.) with a known surface such as water or land.

SPIES is particularly suited for naval anti-surface gunnery scoring where other types of scoring systems experience difficulty. The range scoring accuracy of the system varies with the height of the SPIES above the surface and the range to the impact (scoring accuracy improves as range decreases) and weather conditions. The SPIES analysis is performed on a computer screen (i.e. the Universal Target Control Station (UTCS) or an equivalent) with the digitally captured video frame corresponding to the first appearance of the impact.

Our universal target control station includes a scoring feature, obviating the need for additional stations. Its scoring accuracy is one to three metres, depending on range and sea state.