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Militaries across the globe are battling to protect vital infrastructure against adversaries attacking simultaneously with multi-domain threats.

Insight 2-Pager: Complex Threat Landscape

Discover insight into the complex threat landscape, exploring asymmetric adversary threats and how best to defend your interests against rising multi-domain threats.

Stay Ahead in the threat landscape.

Whirlwind firing
Banshee NG
Transonic Banshee Next Generation (NG)

The Banshee NG launched in 2019, taking the fifth spot in our Banshee aerial target family. Capable of speeds in excess of 250m/s with increased manoeuvrability, enables representation of high-speed fighter aircraft.

Advanced Banshee Jet 80+ with Rattler
Advanced Banshee Jet 80+ with Rattler

The Banshee Jet 80+ is capable of air-launching our supersonic Rattler target whilst travelling at speeds in excess of 200m/s.

Supersonic Rattler GAL-ST
Supersonic Rattler GAL-ST

With a range of over 100km, the Rattler is a highly cost-effective aerial target, travelling at speeds of greater than Mach 1.8 to Mach 2.5.

A variety of payloads compatible with our Banshee target family

Our animation showcases five payloads from a wide range available for our Banshee targets - from Scoring technology to enhance your training, to Electronic Warfare emulation and Active Radar augmentation.

A variety of payloads compatible with our Banshee target family
Be prepared for an evolving threat landscape feature

The threat landscape is constantly evolving. So are we! More sophisticated aircraft are being developed, UAV use is growing, electronic warfare and swarm tactics are on the increase, and supersonic anti-ship missiles are becoming prolific. Add to that the emergence of anti-ship ballistic missiles and new hypersonic threats in development and it can seem impossible to keep pace.

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Be prepared for an evolving threat landscape
Have you seen our Piracy Swarm Threats video?

Launched in September was our Piracy Swarm Threats animation, focusing on the rising threat of a fast inshore swarm attack on Naval and Commercial vessels. Click the button below to view the video and download our Swarm insights 2-pager.

Have you seen our Piracy Swarm Threats video?
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