Customer Support Services - Target Systems

We have complete end-to-end involvement through design, development and manufacture of our target systems – including the launching, command, control and avionics systems. This means we have the facilities and expertise to configure integrated solutions to meet specific customer requirements.

We support our customers beyond the supply of targets, with the operation of target systems and training. This service includes:

Mission planning – Our team works with customers to ensure each test and evaluation or operational training activity fully meets requirements and that targets are representative of potential threats.

Logistics – We handle all aspects of logistic planning and management, including transportation, delivery and set‑up of the target system.

Operations – Our teams ensure everything works to plan, from pre-launch planning to target recovery.

Data reporting and analysis – We provide the high-quality, post-activity analysis of data, including miss distance information.

System maintenance – We retain ownership of the targets and are responsible for all related maintenance.

Localisation – We have the ability to scale operations to establish a local base to deliver long-standing economic and threat representation capabilities.

Training – QinetiQ provides training to support mission planning, operation of targets and data analysis.

T&E – Our products and services offer cost-effective solutions for all your target test and evaluation needs.